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The greatness of God Through the Adhan

True Story, The greatness of God Through the Adhan - Ringing sound Hand Phone (HP) at night nan silent awakening the sleeper Ustadz Abdurahman, who was resting in his house, when it was 10 o'clock at night, he appeared on the screen HP unknown number.

He actually does not want to answer it, but because he was curious, he finally picked it up and began greeting, "Assalamu, who's this?"

Then the caller replied: "Wa'alaikumussalam, It's Ahmad, teachers, sorry for disturbing chaplain tonight."

Ustadz, I please come here, my brother was being critical, he was just an accident and his doctor said he could not do much, help us chaplain!

Ustad new Abdurrahman understood that the call just now is one of the great mosque committee Bully, New South Wales Australia.

Ustad Ahmad Abdurrahman know because in his area, mosque committee registered with the neat and received recognition from the government.

They often met if there are events Fun Raising, Eid Festival, eve…

the greatness of Islam

Singer story takes place in the campus' Ain Shams, Faculty of Agriculture in Egypt.
One story The Very Masyhur well as exposed by the mass media As well as the local variety has some orangutans byword So There.
Disebuah Page One gatra Among the faculty in Egypt, Standing Holding One student winder Ke And glaring at him, shouting So Loud;
"IF THERE is indeed God, so please He menc4but lives My One Hour From Saat ini!"
The singer is a rare event witnessed by most big well as well as the students of the university lecturer in ITU.
Minutes to review the single minute Quick WITH Until they came Sixty Minutes Into the word lie One Hour From the words of the student ITU.
Know yet no sign of any sign-APA From his words, the students sang the singer berk4cak waist, Full of Challenges As well as vanities WITH THE Says His colleagues;
"How Do Think You guys, is not ADA If indeed God, surely He menc4but lives Me?"
Some mahasiswapun Pulang Ke semasing Shelter.
In their ANTARA ADA T…

Kebesaran ALLAH SWT