The greatness of God Through the Adhan

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True Story, The greatness of God Through the Adhan - Ringing sound Hand Phone (HP) at night nan silent awakening the sleeper Ustadz Abdurahman, who was resting in his house, when it was 10 o'clock at night, he appeared on the screen HP unknown number.

He actually does not want to answer it, but because he was curious, he finally picked it up and began greeting, "Assalamu, who's this?"

Then the caller replied: "Wa'alaikumussalam, It's Ahmad, teachers, sorry for disturbing chaplain tonight."

Ustadz, I please come here, my brother was being critical, he was just an accident and his doctor said he could not do much, help us chaplain!

Ustad new Abdurrahman understood that the call just now is one of the great mosque committee Bully, New South Wales Australia.

Ustad Ahmad Abdurrahman know because in his area, mosque committee registered with the neat and received recognition from the government.

They often met if there are events Fun Raising, Eid Festival, even events held by the Australian government.

Ustad Abdurrahman momentarily got out of bed, then he hurried off after getting a room number in a Hospital of the caller.

"Assalamualaikum." she said upon entering the room where lay helpless Abdullah ..

Bandages and smell of drugs covers over his body ..

'Wa'alaikumussalam, Alhamdulillah, Ustad, thank you for coming, I please just say something to Abdullah, the doctor was not able to do much and say if he would meninggat, please say something to Abdullah. "Pinta her sister crying.

He looked around the room that there have been several families who also cried.

"Well, I'll try to converse with him, please do not cry here because it would make him unable to say anything (sad)." Ustad Abdurrahman said.

Then he approached the body of Abdullah which was covered with wounds ..

At see him a figure who is still alive, but did not move an inch, even moving his lips and winked she could not.

Then Ustad Abdurrahman sits right on the right side of Abdullah's head, allowing him to speak ditelinga Abdullah with the shortest distance.

He prayed for a moment and then the weak hands clasped Abdullah.

Assalamu'alaikum brother, I Ustad Abdurrahman of Wollongong ..

My brother, I came here to see you, I know you are a good Muslim, you have helped God's call to prayer every day in the mosque ..
You remind people to pray in the mosque, I am convinced that God and all the people love you, God will help you, He will give you health and happiness.

Brother, we still want to hear the azan dimasjid you, can you do it, Allah will love, please you kumandangkan call to prayer for us.

Momentarily visible tears out of his eyes and trickled across my cheek Abdullah.

Shortly eyelids were moving slowly, then his eyes opened little by little.

Bibirnyapun then twitched slowly, as if he was trying to call to prayer.

Ustad Abdurrahman Abdullah looked into the face with a smile: "Thank God, continue brother, kumandangkan call to prayer for us, Dan."

SubhanAllah, unexpectedly monitor cardiac detection device mounted on the body of Abdullah showed heart work gradually to normal, it shows if Abdullah had passed the critical period.

Ahmad know about it then do a prostration of gratitude in the room, followed by other relatives.

Ustad Ahmad Abdurrahman embraced and repeatedly thanked.

Soon the doctor came up to go back and check the health of Abdullah.

While wondering: "What happened?"

"What did you give him?" He asked Ahmad who was nearby.

"Adhan" Ahmad replied with a smile ..

"Adhan? Is the call to prayer had healed?" The doctor asked to Ustad Abdurrahman who also still be there.

"Yes, God cured him with Azan." Ustad Abdurrahman replied with a smile anyway ..

The doctors who are not Muslims are increasingly astonished, then he nodded, smiling, and said to Ustad Abdurrahman: "One day I want to ask you about the Adhan, please give me a number to call, he said."

"Happily the doctor." Ustad Abdurrahman replied confidently.

"And who better words than those who call to Allah, works righteousness, and said: Lo! I am of those who surrender." (QS.Fushshilat: 33)

"O believers, if you help (religion of) Allah, He will help you and reinforce your position." (QS. Muhammad: 47: 7)

All-True God, the All Firm


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