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 Hasil gambar untuk kebesaran Allah?

Singer story takes place in the campus' Ain Shams, Faculty of Agriculture in Egypt.
One story The Very Masyhur well as exposed by the mass media As well as the local variety has some orangutans byword So There.
Disebuah Page One gatra Among the faculty in Egypt, Standing Holding One student winder Ke And glaring at him, shouting So Loud;
"IF THERE is indeed God, so please He menc4but lives My One Hour From Saat ini!"
The singer is a rare event witnessed by most big well as well as the students of the university lecturer in ITU.
Minutes to review the single minute Quick WITH Until they came Sixty Minutes Into the word lie One Hour From the words of the student ITU.
Know yet no sign of any sign-APA From his words, the students sang the singer berk4cak waist, Full of Challenges As well as vanities WITH THE Says His colleagues;
"How Do Think You guys, is not ADA If indeed God, surely He menc4but lives Me?"
Some mahasiswapun Pulang Ke semasing Shelter.
In their ANTARA ADA That assumes, "Behold God just put it off because of His wisdom behind the ITU."
However ADA Also in their ANTARA Yang shook his head And mocking him.
Shortly student Yang lanc4ng Earlier, Pulang Ke WITH place of residence Full of joy, the way he's been SeolAh WITH 4ngkuh showed WITH proposition 'aqly Not Yet EVER done by anyone in advance if no ADA True God And Man created when WITH How ser4mp4ngan; NOT knowing Rabb, not ADA day of Resurrection And Hisab day.
He SIGN Shelter And apparently singing a mother has to prepare lunch for the review he was singing father has waited While Sitting dish before.
THEREFORE, Children sing singer rushed Soon To 'a sink' in-kitchen, she stood in Situ While cleaning Advance As well as his hands, then wipe WITH networks.
Central when so many hearts circumstances, Falling And suddenly he fell down there Then no-motion Moving Again Forever.
Well ... she really has lifeless Again.
In fact, from the findings of Control doctor to know if the cause of death only because air ADA Ke Yang SIGN ears.
ABOUT sort of singer, Dr. 'Abdur Razzaq Nawfal rahimahullah said, "God wants him dead just like donkeys"
As known, based AT Scientific Research Into that if the plane DUTY OR donkey ears horse, So When ITU ia Also to be dead.


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