father's message to his daughter

Someone just came to his son's graduation in Melbourne. Some are proud because of the child
she's just a doctor. Some are proud because his son is a director and
There is a proud because his son became the winner of the cover girl. Some are proud because of his son
served as assistant manager. There is a proud because his son became a fashion designer.
Father can only smile and congratulate them all. Not because my father was jealous
or disappointed, not because father wants to be in their position, but because of father
proud to have a princess like you.
The heart is never bothered by the world. His eyes were never tempted by the gold of pearls.
His personal father's prayer can be a child salihah.
Dad never asked you to be able to be them, or even exceed them, because
dad realized the happiness of the world will not be happy forever, it is enough to be a princess
always daddy love.
With his simplicity and hijab syari. With your obedience to God alone. With
your obedience later to your husband only. Suffice you close your nakedness. Suffice you to make it
The Qur'an as a companion of your life. Sufficient prayers are always for me.

Duhai my daughter. Just be content for me and your mother to reach the Heaven of God. No need to be rich
too much in the world, just make it easy for us to go to Heaven. Then my father will be proud of me
have you. Sufficient enough for your Rabbmu.
Let us go to Heaven with your morals, do not drag your father and mother to hell.
Really father and mother are more proud when you see you grow into a salihah woman. Medium of the world
and the other rizki is merely a bonus from God alone.


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