Well Being

A. Subjective well-being
Goodlive refers to a condition like loving others with love, experiencing fun and having self-insight that leads to the realization of quality of life. The meaning of good live is an idea that underlies someone to have the confidence that they have a better, more rewarding and fulfilling life. Life is known as subjective well-being.
As diener (2003), keyese & ryff (1995) that subjective well being has two dimensions:

a. Emotional well being: a dimension that measures the balance between experiences or positive-negative feelings, life satisfaction and happiness.
b. Positive functioning well being
1. Psycological well being associated with self-acceptance, relationships with others, relationships with the opposite sex (marriage), independence and mastery of the environment
2. Social well being is related to the ability of a person to connect with people in their social environment community.

B. Psychological well being
mental health is associated with the absence of psychological disorders in which individuals are able to function positively (Ryff, 1989). psychological well being is known for its psychological well-being. Psychological well-being as a condition in which individuals have a positive attitude toward themselves and others, can make their own decisions and manage the environment according to need. There are 6 dimensions of psychological wellbeing:
a. Self-identification
b. Positive relationship with others.
c. Autonomy
d. Environmental control
e. Purpose of life
f. Personal growth
Factors that affect (Ryff, 1995; Ryff and Singer, 1996)
a. Age
b. Education
c. Gender
d. Social economic factors
e. Family support

C. School Well-being
Healthy schools that provide services and have a high awareness in understanding the development of mental health and emotional regulation in school. The development of mental health and emotional regulation can be achieved through the giving of extracurricular in schools, creativity and talent development, religious activities and community service activities. Mental health at school is a necessity because the school is the spearhead in printing the next generation of the nation and prosperous

D. Tazkiyatul Al Nafs
Mental health is reflected in the realization of the true harmony between the psychological functions created and reflected in 1) the adaptation between man and himself and his environment, 2) based on faith and piety, 3) aims to achieve a meaningful and happy life in the world and ai akhirat (daradjat, 1995)
Components of tarkiyat al nafs according to the concept of Al Ghazali in the book ihya Ulum Al-din (in jaelani, 1997) namely
a. Rub 'al-ibadat is part of a matter of worship that explains the human relationship with God
b. Rub 'al-adat is the part about human relationships with fellow and with the environment.
c. Rub 'al muhlikat is the part that describes the deplorable nature that can destroy human beings.
d. Rub 'al-munjiat is the part that explains the nature of the commendable nature that can help and save humanity


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