view of Islam on the number 13



In some parts of the world grows as well as growing beliefs, myths, and legends are with
hereditary way of believing and ingrained. Despite having lived on the order of the people
modern, superstitious beliefs still exist and even develop and penetrate into
many sides of the lives of his people. Like myth number 13 is thought of as a number
unlucky carrier and still believed to this day.
Like a Chinese state that does not have a 13th floor in every building built.
The reason, this number does not bring hockey and even bring disaster. In the West, the number 13 is also
mistaken for bad luck and bring bad. Likewise in some other parts of the world
who have the same belief. But not so much with Islam that assume 13 tak
instead like the other numbers. In fact this figure is a way to get to heaven.
How can that be?
Allah SWT select number 13 as the number of harmonies in prayer. This worship is a religious pillar
as the basic foundation of the solidity of Islam. Kekohoan was built based on 13 rukun
which is driven to achieve a solid foundation. Then, it is still worthy of Muslims are convinced
with myths and superstitions growing at this number. Below are 13 pillars of prayer
the secret to heaven.
1. Intention
2. Takbiiratul-ihraam,
3. Reading Al-Fatihah
4. Ruku '
5. I'tidal or Stand upright after ruku '
6. Prostration with seven limbs
7. Sit between two prostrations
8. Thuma'ninah in all the practices of prayer
9. Regular order for each rukun that is handled
10. Final Tasyahhud
11. The final Tasyahhud
12. Shalawat on the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
13. Double Times Salam
The attitude of the Muslims in superstitious number 13
1. Everything is the same number, Allah SWT is not exaggerating and not decreasing
every wisdom in the numbers. Especially make it an unlucky number for the ummah
human. Because the true of Allah SWT is good, and the ugly coming from
human. As the Word of Allah (SWT) in Surah Yunus: 107
"If Allah inflicted on you harm then no one can eliminate it
except for Him if He wants good for you so no one can refuse
His virtue. "(Jonah: 107)
2. Do not be sure if the number 13 brings bad luck. That is all because of ignorance and
ignorance of their minds hooked the moment of misfortune they experienced with numbers-
"There is no transmission of disease (by itself), no thiyarah (assume bad luck with a
thing), there is no misfortune with the presence of owls and there is also no misfortune. Shafar. "
(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)
3. Doctrine 13 as an unlucky number may be an attempt to make a negative suggestion

weaken our faith. The worst of the class is that follow the specific understand
for a moment not really understand it in a wise way.
4. The number 13 is a good number because of the number of Islamic religious salutes. Where every one
the harmonious ones handled, can be the heaven's door opener.
Hopefully this info is useful as well as give our faith, and free the shackles on
doctrine of the number 13 is not based on until now. Until we become a group
intelligent by always based on the Qur'an and hadith. Thank you for reading.
source: yesmuslim

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